Templar Battleforce Wiki

All Templars are able to carry a primary weapon, a secondary weapon or shield, and a suit of armor. In addition to these, all templars are able to carry two additional accessories. These accessories are called War Gear.

War Gear is often used when a Templar has an increased ability to carry gear, but yet lacks either the necessary gear or requisition to handle better weapons or armor. In this case, War Gear can be employed to use up the excess gear points, amplifying the Templar's original capabilities. War Gear can also be used to complement the remainder of a Templar's loadout. A sniper may find attachments which will improve ranged accuracy and critical hit percentage; a defensive fighter may find improvements to Auto-Block or Defense. Thus War Gear can be used to mitigate weaknesses and accentuate strengths. Even so, War Gear is a tradeoff: when adequate gear points exist, a Templar may be faced with the choice of either a top-of-the-line suit of armor or two high-end accessories and an average suit. Whether this is a good tradeoff depends entirely on the fighting style of the Templar and their commanding officer. Many combinations are possible.

Bonuses from War Gear are applied to all actions, Talents, and attacks that your Templar attempts. For example, if a piece of War Gear grants +12 Plasma Damage, then that Plasma Damage is applied to any attack your Templar makes (melee or ranges). This is different from gaining +12 Plasma Damage from a weapon, which only applies the bonus damage when attacks are made with that weapon specifically.


Equip gear tact system.png

Tactical systems are sensor suites designed to enable a Templar officer to orient, observe, decide , and act on information in as short a time frame as possible. It is different from a sensorkit modification in that the emphasis is on command and control rather than pure observation. Captains and Paladins use Tactical Systems, which primarily increase a Templar's offensive capabilities. Despite this, some very strong Aegis variants exist which can improve defense as well.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Security Ocular 1 +3% Deflection, +3% Counter-Attack, +2% Auto-Block
Watchdog Wiring 1 +2 Parry, +1 Dodge Melee Specialists 2
Targeting Module 1 +1 All Accuracy, +3% Critical Battle Suit Adaptations
Adept-Ocular 2 +5% Critical Heavy Suit Adaptations
Aegis Wiring 2 +8% Auto-Blcock Captain 4
War-Strike Tact 3 +2 Melee Accuracy, +10 Dmg, +2 Parry Warrior 2
Hostility Kit 4 +2 Melee Accuray, +8% Counter-Attack, +8% Auto-Blcock Shock Hammer 3
Watchdog Whisper 4 +6% Auto-Block, +4 Parry, +4 Dodge Melee Specialists 3
Prowess Wiring 4 +3 Melee Accuracy, +12 Dmg Blademaster 1
Range-Finder 4 +4 Ranged Accuracy, +6% Critical Pistoleer 2
Tact-Whisper 4 +9% Critical Pistoleer 4
Hydraul-Punch Kit 5 +16% Pen, +3% Critical Pistoleer Poisoner
Aegis Defense 5 +12% Counter-Attack, +8% Auto-Block Blademaster 3
Prowess Core 5 +5 Melee Accuracy, +6 Dmg, +10% Pen Reaver
Battle Tact 5 +4 Melee Accuracy, +18 Dmg Warrior 4
Skirmish Tact 6 +3 All Accuracy, +10% Counter-Attack, +3 Parry, +3 Dodge Paladin 6
Cascading Tact 7 Unlimited counter-attacks, +12 Dmg Tact System Relic

Pilot Suits[]

Equip gear pilot suit.png

The operator of a Leviathan mech is called a 'pilot' , and pilot kits are designed for the sake of the human inside the machine rather than the machine itself. Because the pilot is the brain of the Leviathan, Pilot Kit improvements to that brain result in all kind of effects, ranging from increased mobility to better accuracy to better defense. Because of limited availability, Pilot Kit improvements are restricted to Captains and Scouts, who have the greatest need for them.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Scoped Pilot Kit 1 +1 Ranged Accuracy, +1 Dodge
Adept Pilot Kit 1 +2 Melee Accuracy, +1 Parry
Reinforced Pilot Kit 1 +1 Parry, +4 Armor Battlefield Leader
Wraithbone Kit [RELIC] 2 +12 Plasma Dmg, +6% Auto-block, +12 Plasma Resist Pilot Suit Relic
Swift Kit 2 +1 MP Scout 4
Ballast Pilot Kit 3 +32 Max Hit Points, +2 Armor Captain 4
Force Pilot Kit 4 +12 Dmg Captain 4
Pilot Sensorkit 4 +2 Ranged Accuracy, +6 Dmg Pistoleer 1
Reactive Pilot Kit 4 +6 Ranged Accuracy, +5% Auto-Block Pistoleer 5
Specialist Pilot Kit 4 +4 Dmg, +8% Critical Sniper 4
Twitch Kit 4 +1 MP, +3 Parry, +3 Dodge Scout 6
Blitz Kit 4 +2 MP, -10 Max Heat Stealth Operative 5
Darkline Kit [RELIC] 4 +6% Pen, +20% Counter-Attack, +10% Auto-block Pilot Suit Relic 2
Precision Pilot Kit 5 +6 Ranged Accuracy, +6 Dmg, +6% Pen Pistoleer Devastator


Equip gear weapon mod.png

Serious gun enthusiasts make their own ammunition, and the Templars are no exception. Soldiers and Neptunes constantly fiddle with their weapons for greater lethality, greater penetration, and more kills. These devices without exception improve offensive capabilities, most commonly the damage and penetration of a weapon.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Ammo Rack 1 +2 Dmg, +2% Critical
Autoloader 1 +6 Dmg Battle Suit Modifications
Piercer Ammo 1 +6% Pen Heavy Infantry 2
X-Jacket Ammo 2 +8 Dmg Soldier 3
Seeker Rounds 2 +7% Critical Neptune Specialist 3
Explosive Ammo 3 +12 Dmg, +4% Pen Close In Fighting 2
Heavy Core Ammo 3 +4 Dmg, +10% Pen Neptune Specialist 2
N-Jacket Ammo 3 +12 Dmg, +3% Critical Neptune Specialist 2
Hydraul-Feed Loader 3 +3 Ranged Accuracy, +8% Pen Suppressor 2
P-Jacket Ammo 4 +6 Dmg, +10% Pen Close In Fighting 4
Shattershell Rounds 5 +18 Dmg Suppressor 4
NX-Jacket Rounds 6 +4 Dmg, +13% Critical Concentrator 5
Wraithsight Kit [RELIC] 6 +4 Ranged Accuracy, +12 Dmg, +16% Pen Weapon-Mod Relic
Strikepoint Kit [RELIC] 6 2X Plasma / Fire Dmg on Penetrating Hit, +16 Plasma Dmg, +16% Pen Weapon-Mod Relic

Targeting Systems[]

Equip gear targeting system.png

Targeting systems are primarily optical systems which improve the capability of a Soldier or Berserker to land precise hits on enemies. Despite this, there are a number of other improvements, such as backbone improvements for the Leviathan structure or deflector fields, which also fall in this category.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Bullseye Lock 1 +2 Ranged Accuracy
Twitch Backbone 2 +4% Auto-Block Soldier 1
Armored Backbone 2 +12 Max Hit Points, +6 Armor Leader-In-The-Ranks 2
Plated Backbone 2 +3% Pen, +6 Armor Leader-In-The-Ranks 2
Glance Field 2 +10% Deflection, +1 Parry, +4 Armor Shield Wall 1
Fortified Backbone 3 +15 Max Hit Points, +15 Max Heat Leader-In-The-Ranks 1
Vital-Core Lock 4 +4 Dmg, +12% Critical Overpowering 4
Spearpoint Ocular [RELIC] 4 +1 Duration when Using Buffs, +4 All Accuracy, +4 Parry Targeting System Relic
Hunter Lock 5 +8 Dmg, +6% Critical Leader-In-The-Ranks 4
Predator Lock 5 +3 All Accuracy, +3 Parry Soldier 7

Leviathan Reactors[]

Equip gear leviathan reactor.png

If the Pilot is the 'brain' of the Leviathan mech, the Leviathan reactor is the machine's beating heart. Few Templars are entirely satisfied with the stock model and are forever tinkering with it , creating after-market improvements. Leviathan reactor improvements are found on Engineering specialists (of course!) and on Hydras, who look for ways to improve the linkage between the reactor and their flame weapon. Leviathan reactors typically improve a Templar's speed (that is, their MP) , their power (their Max HP) or their resistance to fire. Other variants do exist, however.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Hydraul-Injector 1 +15 Max Heat
Vent Manifold 1 +15 Max Heat Specialist Adaptations
Ember Kit 1 +2 Ranged Accuracy, +4 Fire Dmg Hydra Specialist 2
Tapped Reclamation 2 +3 Ranged Accuracy, +12 Fire Resist Napalm Cross 1
Irid-Plated Core 2 +2% Deflection, +1 Parry, +6 Armor Engineer 4
Reinforced Reclaimers 2 +15 Max Heat, +15 Fire Resist Heatmaster 1
Boosted Reactor 3 +1 MP, +10 Max Heat Close In Fire 1
Cyclone Reactor [RELIC] 3 +1 MP, +60 Max Heat Reactor Relic
Kinetic Refine-X 3 +12 Max Hit Points, +30 Max Heat Provision Support 4
Rerouted Reclamation 4 -15 Max Heat, +28 Fire Dmg Precision Flames 5
Heat Rewiring 4 +30 Max Heat, +10% Auto-Block Heatmaster 3
Roavin Furnace [RELIC] 4 +24 Max Hit Points, +24 Fire Dmg, +24 Fire Resist Reactor Relic 2


Equip gear sensorkit mod.png

All Templars carry sensorkits to gather information on the surrounding environment. Scouts and Engineers are known to tinker with their sensorkits for greater performance; Scouts, because that extra information may mean the difference between life and death, and engineers, just because it's tinkering. Strangely, no sensorkit modification improves the range of scans. Nonetheless, they do improve perception-related skills such as ranged accuracy, critical hit rate, and auto-block.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Prescience Sense 1 +4% Auto-Block, +1 Dodge
Ocular Scanner 1 +2 Ranged Accuracy Specialist Adaptations
Overlay Scanner 2 +3 Ranged Accuracy, +3% Critical Sniper 1
Prox-Attack Kit 3 +3 All Accuracy, +6 Dmg Striker 1
Prox-Alert Scanner 3 +8% Deflection, +3 Parry, +3 Dodge Scout 5
Prox-Activated Kit 3 +6% Auto-Block, +3 Dodge Deep Operative 1
Strike Scanner 4 +8 Dmg, +6% Pen, +4% Critical Striker 3
Typhoon Scanner [RELIC] 4 Sensorkit Scan does not increase Heat and can be use Overheated, +6% Critical Sensorkit Relic
Linked Sensory Net [RELIC] 4 +10% Pen, +4 Parry, +4 Dodge Sensorkit Relic
Deaden-Scan 5 +12% Critical Sniper 5
Prox-Whisper 5 +8% Deflection, +8% Auto-Block Deep Operative 4

Armor Coatings[]

Equip gear armor coating.png

Armor coating is most often heard with the phrase "Pimp My Paladin". But in addition to gold finish, chrome attachments, and fins, Armor Coating has the more pragmatic purpose of improving the armor protection of any heavy trooper; Hydras, Neptunes and Paladins can all benefit from the additional protection and defense provided by armor coating. Neptune improvements especially have an MP cost associated with it, some of them quite high. Hydra improvements, to no one's great surprise, often provide fire resistance and increased max heat. There is a certain irony to this , given that sustained Neptune fire can generate a great deal more internal heat than Hydras do.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Blast Plate 1 +4 Armor
Reinforced Mech 1 +6 Max Hit Points Heavy Suit Adaptations
Thermal Enclosure 1 +20 Max Heat Neptue Specialist 1
Light Heat Shielding 1 +2 Armor, +12 Fire Resist Heavy Infantry 2
Rigid Blast Plate 1 +6% Deflection Hydra Specialist 2
Tiberius' Plating [RELIC] 2 +26 Max Hit Points, +2 Parry, +42 Radiation Resist Armor Coating Relic
Goliath Plating 3 -1 MP, +10% Deflection, +8 Armor Defensive 1
Recoil Harness 3 +3 Ranged Accuracy, +3% Critical, +2 Armor Concentrator 1
Warded Plates 3 +8% Deflection, +8 Armor Devastator 2
Radiated Heat Shielding 3 +16 Max Hit Points, +4 Armor, +14 Fire Resist Close In Fire 4
Bi-Plate Heat-Regulation 3 +30 Max Heat, +4% Deflection Suppressor 3
Irid Sheathe 4 +10% Deflection, +10% Auto-Block, +10 Fire Resist Napalm Cross 4
Goliath Retrofit 4 -1 MP, +3 All Accuracy, +10% Auto-Block, +3 Parry Cannonier 5
Mammoth Retrofit [RELIC] 4 +24 Max Hit Points, +8% Auto-Block, +12 Armor Armor Coating Relic 2
Deflection Field 5 +15% Auto-Block Devastator 3
Volcanic Shielding 5 +15 Max Heat, +6 Armor, +32 Fire Resist Close In Fire 5
Titan Sheathe 6 -2 MP, +22% Deflection, +16 Armor Defensive 5


Equip gear expert proc.png

Expert procedures is the exclusive domain of the Berserker. The Berserker's raison d'etre is raw power and raw speed at the critical point. Because of this, any way to improve a Berserker's reflexes improves their fighting skill. Expert-Procs assist this by providing an artificial set of reflexes to the Leviathan. Thus, the Leviathan will respond more quickly and more predictably to the movements of the pilot inside. Procs primarily improve melee offense and defense; which is just as well, since Berserkers do not use ranged weapons.

Gear Effect Prerequisite
Adept-Proc 1 +2 Melee Accuracy, +1 Parry Berserker 2
Initiate-Proc 2 +3 Melee Accuracy, +6% Critical Overpowering 1
Vitality Wiring 3 +30 Max Hit Points Shield Wall 3
Monger-Proc 4 +3 Melee Accuracy, +10 Dmg, +10% Counter-Attack Berserker 5
Pacer-Proc 4 +1 MP, +3 Dodge Onslaught 2
Cyclone-Strike Proc [RELIC] 4 +5 All Accuracy, +16 Dmg Expert-Proc Relic
Roavin Detonator [RELIC] 4 Grenade attacks auto-Penetrate, +30 Max Hit Points, +30 Max Heat Assault Grenadier Relic
Devastator-Proc 6 +5 Melee Accuracy, +10 Dmg, +6% Critical Onslaught 4