Templar Battleforce Wiki

Plasma is a non-standard damage type used exclusively by humans: both by Templar and Cultists. No known Xeno or Narvidian uses Plasma in its attacks. Plasma is not currently an environmental hazard on any missions.


Like all non-standard damage types, rolls for dealing plasma damage range between 30% and 100% of the stated damage. This differs from bonus damage from other sources which is from 0% to 100% of the stated damage. This, combined with the fact that non-standard damage types ignore armor makes it a powerful method of dealing with most foes. (Non-standard attacks do have to contend with opposing Resistance and Res, but those are usually very weak defenses.)

Known Plasma Users[]

Plasma is resisted by the Magma Carapace, Radiated Scittering and Radiation Brood. Of the three, the Magma Carapace has the weakest plasma resistance and the Radiated Scittering has the best.

Plasma damage is an optional damage type for: a Soldier (range), Paladin (melee), Berserker (melee), Captain (both), and Scout (both, but only through the use of the Wraithbone Kit [RELIC] shared with the Captain). Its presence is dependent on which weapon has been selected, as it is not a damage type present on every weapon available. The only enemy to use it are the Heavy Troopers, who are an uncommon spawn.