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You can gain additional Experience Point and Requisition Point bonuses for completing a the mission under its Turn Goal, achieving a high Kill Rate per Turn or achieving Secondary Objectives. The two highest reward percentages you've earned are combined to create a multiplier that applies only to the primary mission rewards.

Turn Goal[]

Every mission has a specific goal as to how fast your team should try to accomplish it, though in some cases a mission will always last the turn goal e.g. Patrol route is always 6 turns. By completing the primary mission objective with time to spare, you can gain bonuses to both RP and XP.

  • Completing a mission with at least 40% of the Turn Goal remaining will yield a 20% bonus to XP and RP.
  • Completing a mission with 30-39% of the Turn Goal remaining will yield a 15% bonus to XP and RP.
  • Completing a mission with 20-29% of the Turn Goal remaining will yield a 10% bonus to XP and RP.
  • Completing a mission with 10-19% of the Turn Goal remaining will yield a 5% bonus to XP and RP.
  • Completing a mission with under 10% of the Turn Goal remaining or exactly equalling the Turn Goal will yield a 2% bonus to XP and RP.
  • Completing a mission but exceeding the turn goal will yield a 0% bonus to XP and RP.

Kill Rate Per Turn[]

The number of kills your permanent squad members achieve over the entire the mission is averaged out by the number of Turns you took the complete the mission. e.g. 43 kills in 6 turns = 7.2 . Major Luthor & Paladin Nyra do not contribute their kills to the average. This kill rate grants bonuses to both RP and XP.

  • A kill rate greater than 8.0 per turn will yield 20% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 7.1 - 8.0 per turn will yield 15% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 6.1 - 7.0 per turn will yield 10% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 5.1 - 6.0 per turn will yield 8% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 4.1 - 5.0 per turn will yield 6% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 3.1 - 4.0 per turn will yield 5% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 2.1 - 3.0 per turn will yield 4% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate of 1.1 - 2.0 per turn will yield 2% bonus to XP and RP.
  • A kill rate equal to or less than 1.0 per turn will yield 0% bonus to XP and RP.

Guaranteed mission completion rewards[]

Mission Name Turn Goal XP awarded RP awarded Secondary objectives present Notes
Deck 12 Cappa Sector 15 10 0 0 Only played at start of a new save file. Unavailable in a new game+.
Deck 14 Alta Sector 18 40 40 1
Deck 14 Power Relay 16 80 75 1 Automatically acquire an engineer due to mission.
Alien Vessel: counter attack 10 100 150 0 Must wait 5 turns for enemy leader to appear. Automatically acquire a scout.
Alien Vessel: bomb escort 12 140 150 2 Must escort slow moving bomb to north of map.
You choose whether you do the Ferari Lance or Galantia Cross first; both most be completed.
Ferari Lance: Airlock 20 80 80 2 Going for the secondary objectives will slow you down. Can be either first or second mission on Ferari Lance.
Ferari Lance: Boarding 12 80 80 6 Secondary objectives generally close to deployment areas. Can be either first or second mission on Ferari Lance.
Ferari Lance: power relay 24 100 100 3 Relay pathway sequence: East, North, West, North, East, North.
Ferari Lance: Atmo Re-entry 16 100 100 1 Will take at least 7 turns to safely move Marianne to the airlock (Move 4).
Choose either drop zone or march from Galantia
Drop zone on Galantia 15 100 80 0 Wait 10 turns for enemy leader to appear. Survive 1 turn after assassinating it.
March from Galantia 12 80 100 0 March to Tundeer. Takes at least 6 turns to reach exit using forced marching.
Siege at Tundeer 24 100 100 5 2 Tact Point. Given 1 Hydra for free. There are 4 gate controls for 5 sets of gates. Gate #5 not shown on deployment.
Great Pipeline: Bombed 16 100 100 0 Effect of choosing Drop zone on Galantia. Broken bridge that can only be crossed 1 at a time via a lift that enemy can't use.
Great Pipeline: Intact 14 100 100 0 Effect of choosing March from Galantia. Intact bridge, but enemy can cross it too. Lift also works in this mission.
Extermination By Fire 18 140 180 2 Must take engineer & hydra.
Rychart Prime: Patrol Route 6 80 80 2 Always lasts 6 turns.
extra missions that can be skipped, as you have only one chance to access Kaldun.
Kaldun: Factory Entrance 16 80 100 2 Where you finish this mission dictates whether you have the north or south starting position in the next mission.
Kaldun: Factory Core (North/South) 26 80 120 6 Same map whether northern or southern deployment zone used. Southern is slightly easier to achieve turn goal. 3 Tact points that must be captured. Don't have to hold.
Trench Warfare 10 80 80 2 Resumption point if you've completed Kaldun sidequest. Follow trench westwards for objectives. Go north of trench for secondaries.
Drayan Core 14 100 100 4 3 Tact point. 2 secondaries are part of the mission requirements.
Drayan Palace 14 100 120 0 Need to open gates 3 times; lots of gun nests.
Extermination Protocol 24 200 240 2 Must destroy 3 nodes to render the boss mortal.
Rubic 5: Infiltration Site 16 80 80 1 Start with 3 templar inc captain; must open doors at north of map for reinforcements. Reinforcements (Best Soldier & Engineer) can't be swapped. Must then capture 2 TP.
Rubic 5: Drop Shaft 10 80 80 1 Entire force must reach north end of map. 8 turns is considered good.
Rubic 5: Tunnel Complex 20 100 100 3 Possible to achieve a 15% speed bonus by ignoring secondary objectives. 4 tact points on the map.
Rubic 5: Artifact Vaults 12 100 100 1 Collect at least 3 artifacts. Collecting all 4 gives you the secondary objective.
Rubic 5: Detonation Site 20 120 120 2 Must wait 6 turns for your own engineer to deploy. Makes turn goal harder to achieve.
Leo Major: Dread Falcon 20 80 80 3 Only one squad member needs to touch the end point to win. Best to split squad in 2 for turn goal.
Leo Major: Leo Dropzone 8 100 100 3 Must kill 36 enemy within 8 turns - bring turrets and a hydra/neptune for maximum kill potential.

Tact point is considered a secondary objective.

Leo Major: southbound trail 16 100 120 2 Long march southwards. High odds of overheating if you want to achieve turn goal; overwatch useful to defend squad.
Leo Major: traitors bunker 16 120 140 2 Must activate 2 switches to open the defences to the radio relay. Try to keep at least half your squad near the relay, ready to destroy it. Mission ends if 5 signals are transmitted.
Presence of human survivors is generally not indicated on deployment.
Moklumnue Prime: Drop Zone 24 100 100 3 3 unarmed human survivors in SE corner of map. Only rescue when mission success in immanent as they're near 2 spawn points. If you can manage to keep them alive, they will give you XP.
Moklumnue Prime: Starport Breach 20 100 120 2 5 armed human soldiers are your initial deployment squad. Templars arrive after a couple of turns. If you can manage to keep them alive, they will give you XP. Collecting secondaries takes you via a less obvious route to the last tact point.
Moklumnue Prime: Orbital Defence Battery 28 120 160 2 3 armed human soldiers join once you capture the first tact point. If you can manage to keep them alive, they will give you XP. Secondary objective west of the northern defence battery gives 400 supply points.
Moklumnue Prime: Starport Vault 24 180 200 3 Must kill the war worm 3 times. Bring range 6+ guns to avoid getting hit by it's ranged attack. Tact point doesn't raise the squad cap for this mission.
You will now have a break from the Terrox, as it's the turn of the Narvidians.
Righteous Fallen: deck 7 Alta Sector 12 100 120 0 Must retain control of at least 3 of the 6 tact points for a full 12 turns; you will be spread out on deployment. Enemy attack points are random A high kill count is the only way to gain bonus resources.
Righteous Fallen: Bridge 10 120 150 0 Both Major Luthor & Paladin Nyra will join your team. There are medipacks and damage boosts available on the map. Assassination target appears on turn 8.
Hive Ship: Outer Hull 24 100 180 0 Must make base contact a pillar to destroy it. In 'room 1' destroy the south pillar only (to move east); in 'room 2' north pillar (to move east) and south pillar (for southern door in room 3) ; in 'room 3' (has large purple square) far north-east pillar and optionally east (to eliminate heat from rejoining team) . End point is directly south of the purple square; one squad member must make it to final switch room and then get beyond the gate.
Hive Ship: Narvidian core 20 120 220 0 Must capture 5 tact points. There are at least 7 on the map; not all are shown on deployment. For quickness bring 2 engineers and have their capture skill at level 6 minimum. Capturing TP #5 ends mission.
Hive Ship: Hive Mind 30 220 560 0 Hive mind has a large HP pool (3500+). There are 8 power nodes spread over the map, destroying each one deals 375 damage (doesn't scale with enemy level or HP). Killing a war worm (6-8 on map) will also render the mind vulnerable to damage for 2 turns. Hive mind has range 1 attack; war worm is range 6. You will have 9 templars including Nyra.
The original story is now complete. You may now either re-start to attempt missions you missed or tackle the Stratos campaign set 6 years afterwards.
Startos: Central Airlock 22 100 120 3 Southern door is jammed open. North, East & West doors can be opened & closed to limit enemy flow. 4 Tact points on map; only need to capture temporarily.
Stratos: Defence Relay 22 100 150 1 Secondary is to activate all 6 turret destruction switches. Turrets come in 2 colours; Red & Yellow. A yellow switch will destroy a randomly selected yellow turret. 3rd Yellow switch destroys the remaining 2 yellow turrets on easy mode, but only 1 on normal difficulty or higher. Same principle applies to the red turrets. Turrets are deadly - range 6, high damage, high penetration, massive HP pool. will destroy a templar in 1 turn.

Mission is dictated by RNG, so you must be mobile. There are a physical terrain barriers that divides the map into east & west sections with very few places to cross along with 4 bridges; be ready to double back. 3 tact points available.

Stratos: Elevator Complex 24 120 150 3 Split level map. 3 Floors with your forces needing to be split. There are 2 switches on the east side of level 1 that will double the lift capacity; there is a tact point on the left side of floor 1.

To win 3 switches must be activated in the SAME turn. The 2 switches not shown to you require you to head northwest of the lift doors. Floor 3 has a turret similar to the defence relay mission.

You must now choose your next mission carefully. Either go for XP and an easier final mission or RP and a harder final mission. Story will change based on your choice. You choose before you can save your mission progress.

Stratos: Command Centre 14 250 50 1 Mandatory engineer and a tight turn goal. You must capture 2 of the 3 tact points: southern plus either east or west before heading to the centre of the map. An engineer must reach northern end of central chamber to win. Mix of terrox and cultists. Symmetrical map; use narrow walkways for speed as the wide paths take longer to traverse.
Stratos: Research Hall 32 50 300 5 2 ways to win. Either visit the 2 data rooms or escort the VIP with 2 unarmed human scientists back to the entrance. Either way all templar must return to the lift to end the mission. A lot of rooms with door locks.
Stratos: Reactor Core 18 150 150 2 The quicker route is more heavily defended by turrets. You will need lots of healing to get past them if you want to achieve the turn goal. If you want more of your squad to survive then you will either go over the turn goal or have done the command centre mission to not face them.

A full list of Secondary objective locations featuring a basic description of where to find them and if any consumable rewards can be gained is available.