Templar Battleforce Wiki


MP or Move Points indicate the maximum distance any unit may move in a single turn.

  • Any unit that moves to any of the neighbouring 8 tiles by will consume a single MP. For Templars this will add 3 Heat per tile moved.
  • There is no option to undo a move made in error. Cancelling a move whilst the templar is in motion will stop the templar and allow you to alter their direction of travel, subject to the amount of MP remaining.
  • Moving short distances manually is safer than moving long distance via the built in 'sat-nav', as you may be taken through hazardous terrain such as napalm coverged tiles.
  • Any actions performed will result in a loss of MP equal to the number of action points (AP) spent. It is often better in each turn to complete movement before engaging the enemy.
  • Buffs and gear may increase the number of move points available to a templar. The maximum MP a templar may possess is 13MP, with the effectiveness of buffs halved once a templar reaches 10MP; you will require +2MP via buffs to improve from 10MP to 11MP. Buffs are best applied after a unit has finished attacking, in order to better facilitate a withdrawal or press an advance.
  • Any unused default MP (i.e. the 6 MP that have not been gained from a buff/gear) may be used to help with Overheating. Default MP are spent before those gained via a buff; you can not move the +X and still expect to gain the maximum cool-down bonus.

Managing MP[]

Although the number of unused MPs cannot exceed 13, the maximum number of tiles to move in one turn is higher. For example, a Scout with maximum Overdrive providing +7 MP with Blitz Kit (+2 MP) buffed with Pressing Need 8 (+3 MP) and Rallying Charge 8 (+3 MP) can move 6+7+2+3+3=21 tiles if care is taken not to apply buffs that would increase the unused MPs to more than 10. To cover this much ground, the Scout could exhaust all MPs by moving, then getting buffed by others, moving again, then applying Overdrive before covering a final stint.

There are Talents, Armor and Gear that lower MP which is useful for heat management. Here we list only those that increase MP.

Talents that increase MP[]

Armor that increase MP[]

There are only two armors that increase MP, both are Assault Armors usable by Berserkers and Paladins.

Gear that increase MP[]

Pilot Suits (Scout, Captain):

Leviathan Reactors (Hydra, Engineer):

Expert-Procs (Berserker):