Templar Battleforce Wiki

Mission Parameters[]

  • Open deploy 4
  • Turn goal: 10
  • Starting squad: Captain, Engineer (swap in class), Scout, Scout
  • Starting SP: 540
  • Max deployment: 6
  • Base XP on Easy: 80
  • Base RP on Easy: 80
  • Secondary objectives: 1 (crates visible on the map)
  • Max turrets: 4

Drop Shaft.png


  • Flip the switch at the orange square in the north-west, then extract in the north.
  • The exit grid is pretty lax on this level. Only need to be somewhat close.


Deployment & Safety[]

Make sure that the Engineer has a high-level Sentry Turret talent. Move the squad up to the TP. The sooner you get there, the easier the level. Set up a turret on the way there not too far below the TP. After capturing the TP, set up a second turret, then get Perimeter Resupply or a second Engineer to make it four. Three out of four should be able to shoot xenos coming from the west, and one should be just north of the TP. Defend the TP until you maximize deployment then move to the switch and maybe get the secondary.


Give the Captain the Blitz Kit (+2MP), Pressing Need 4 and Warrior's Wrath 1. Have an Engineer with Capture 6. Give the Engineer the Cyclone Reactor (+1MP).

  • On turn 1, swap the northern Scout for a Soldier with Rallying Charge 8. Move the Soldier and the Engineer up, just below the Captain and put PN on them. Move the Captain up, beyond the 1 tile corridor. Move everyone else up and when the Soldier is out of MP, RC the whole group. Move further up, set up a turret (about 5 tiles below the TP).
  • On turn 2, move the Engineer to the top of the TP, then neutralize and capture it, immediately. The rest of the squad should keep moving north towards the exit grid, except the Captain who goes west to get the secondary and flip the switch. Have a couple of grenades ready and lots of HP.
  • On turn 3, deploy any veteran.

The mission can be done in 4-5 turns. You may want to slow things down a bit so as to finish on turn 6 and ramp up the kill rate.


Same as Score, but don't send the Captain to the secondary to minimize the risk. Instead, the Captain shall go north then west towards the switch. The Engineer should be able to keep close enough to set up a turret to cover the Captain with Overwatch. The mission only takes 4 turns.