Templar Battleforce Wiki

Templar Battleforce's combat system uses 3 types of dice rolls in combat, as covered below.

Opposing Pools[]

The first is to roll opposing pools of dice. This type of dice roll is used in attack and defense.

The attacker and defender both gather a pool of D10s (ten-sided dice) and roll them. Depending on the type of dice (strong or standard), the dice that roll successes are counted. The attacker and defender compare success counts, and whoever has more wins. A tie goes in favor of the attacker.

A Strong Die is a D10 that is rolled and counts a success on any result higher than a 6 (40% success rate). A Weak Die is a D10 that is rolled and counts a success on any result higher than a 8 (20% success rate). The dice are modeled after real-life D10s, so have 1-10 on them.

The amount of strong and standard dice a Templar has is determined by their Talents, active Buffs, Weapons, Skills and Attributes.

One Big Die[]

A Big Die indicates a single large die with a wide range of numbers. For example, when rolling damage, you roll a Big Die to determine the final damage. Therefore, if your weapon does 20 - 60 Damage, you add your base damage (19 in this case) to the roll of a single large die (a D41 in this case) resulting in a range of damage from 20 - 60. As is the case with physical dice, every number on the Big Die has the same probability of being rolled, there is no weighting.

Percentage Roll[]

Often, a percentage is rolled. In this case, a D100 (a one hundred sided dice) is rolled and compared to a percentage. For example, in the case of a 15% Critical chance, a D100 is rolled. If the roll is 15 or less, a Critical is scored.