Templar Battleforce Wiki

Mission Parameters[]

  • Open deploy 4
  • Turn goal: 12
  • Starting squad: Captain, Engineer (swap in class), Soldier, Soldier
  • Starting SP: 540
  • Max deployment: 6
  • Base XP on Easy: 100
  • Base RP on Easy: 100
  • Secondary objectives: 1 (the fourth orange artifact site on the map)
  • Max turrets: 4

Artifact Vaults.png


  • The objective is to collect three artifacts (marked by orange squares on the map), then extract at the orange exit grid at the south.
  • The fourth artifact is a secondary objective.



The usual method of camping at the TP to max out deployment and then collecting the objectives by moving the whole squad as a single unit is actually more dangerous than the speedy one, so don't do it. Follow the Score method below, but max out deployment before extracting which is not possible while getting max turn bonus.

Since speed and turn bonus is not an issue, you may use Reactor Jolts at the beginning although that further delays deployments.


For the Engineer, put 1-3 points into Sentry Turret and the rest into Power Field, and 4 points into Tactics. Blitz Kit (+2MP) for the Captain, Pressing Need 8, Warrior's Wrath 1. Soldier with Rallying Charge 8, as usual. Have two Scouts with max Stealth, gobs of Overdrive and some Null Field. Equip them with either the Ballast Pilot Kit (+32HP) or the Blitz Kit (+2MP) if feeling adventurous. Max Fortitude for all of them.

On turn 1, swap out the second Soldier for a Scout. Move the Engineer one tile up to be able to put Power Field on the 4 templars. Captains then puts PN on on the others, Soldier uses RC. Then the Scout goes for top right artifact, the Captain for the top left (moving, then using PN and WW), the Soldier goes for the left, while the Engineer captures the TP and collects the top middle.

On turn 2, recruit another Scout and support the Soldier who will be meeting some resistance. Having collected all four artifacts, fall back as quickly to the TP as possible.

Then, improve the kill rate until turn 8 before extracting.


Same as Score, but ignore the fourth artifact and extract at the earliest opportunity which is turn 4.